The Council


Twinning Agreements

Sister-City relationship or twinning Agreements as well as cooperation agreements between two towns / cities are governed by universal principles and objectives as decreed by a resolution of the United Nations Organization which stipulates that the twinning of towns and cities is a mechanism of cooperation of exceptional value as it brings into contact, not only local administrators but the inhabitants as well from various countries.

Cooperation at local level has therefore an important role in bringing closer populations of different origins.

All twinning agreements have been approved by the Council in line with the principles and objectives as mentioned above. The twinning agreements stipulate, among others, the following:

- to promote exchanges in cultural, touristic, social and economic sectors ;

- to develop mutual understanding and respect as well as friendship.

The City Council of Port Louis has done tremendous efforts for the recognition of the City on the regional and international level through twinning agreements and affiliation to international organizations. .

Twinning agreements have been signed with the following town/cities:

NoTown/CityCountrySate of Signature
1Commune de La PossessionReunion Island8 February 1988
2Foshan People’s Republic of China27 January 1989
3Pretoria South Africa14 February 1997
4*Maputo Mozambique13 March 1998
5*Dakar Senegal18 October 1998
6*Lamentin Guadeloupe18 October 1998
7Saint-Malo France20 October 1999
8Antsiranana(ex Diego-Suarez) Madagascar4 October 2000
9Port Mathurin Rodrigues (Mauritius)14 November 2003
10* Karachi Pakistan30 April 2007
11* Alexandria Egypt11 December 2007
12* Doha Qatar16 December 2007

* Return ceremonies for signature of agreements in Port Louis not yet held.


The Council had also signed a

- “Protocole d’Accord et d’Intention” with Levallois (France) on 17 July 2003.

- “Protocole d’Accord et d’Intentions” and “Charte d’Amitié et de Coopération” with Le Port (Reunion Island) on 03 June 2004.

- “Cooperative Agreement” for three years with the City of Melbourne (Australia) on 17 September 2004.

Membership in Regional/International Organisations

Port Louis is a member of the following international organizations:

- AIMF (Association Internationales des Maires Francophones) Founder member of this association since 1979 and also a member of the “ Bureau Exécutif”.

- CLGF (Commonwealth Local Government Forum) Member since 1997.

- AVCOI (Association des Villes et Collectivités de l’Océan Indien) Member since 1990.

- ICLEI – (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives)

- Local Government Sustainability Member since 2011.

- OVPOI (Observatoire Villes Ports Océan Indien) Member since 2004. .